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4 factors that drive our real estate market


Real estate consists of a significant portion of one’s assets. About one-third of the net-worth of a typical American which translates into a valuation fo about $20 trillion dollars. Because of the size and the scale of the real estate market, more people are compelled to invest in this sector. Here are the key factors that drive the real estate market today.

1. Demographics

These represent the composition of a population like gender, age, income, population growth, etc. These statistics are important factor that affects the pricing of real estate and the types of properties that are in demand. Demographic trends can significantly influence the real estate market.

2. Interest Rates

Interest rates also affect the real estate market. The changes in the interest rate can affect a person’s ability to buy a property.As the interest rate falls, the cost to obtain a mortgage to buy a home gets lower. This boosts the demand for real estate, and so the prices go up. The opposite happens when there is an increase in the interest rate.

3. Government policies

These can have great impacts on the demand and prices of properties. The government can increase demand using tax credits, subsidies, etc. Knowing about the present government incentives can help you know the changes in supply and demand.

4. Economy

The overall health of the economy in the region affects the value of the real estate. Economic indicators like employment data, GDP, prices of goods, manufacturing activities, etc. tells about the economic conditions of a region. If the economy is sluggish, so will the real estate.

All these factors affect the condition of a real estate market of a certain region. By having good knowledge on these can help you make an informed decision regarding investments.

Top 4 benefits of living in a condo


More people are now buying condo instead of house because of the advantages condos offer. You will see many high-rise condos sprawling around the city. Most people now prefer condos for the comfort and convenience. These are the benefits of living in a condo:

Live a low-maintenance life

If you are a busy person, it’s better to live in a condo. You won’t have to mow the yard or trim the bushes. There is someone to take care of all these. Re-roofing, painting, repairs, etc. are also done by the third party responsible for condo management.

Enjoy extra amenities

Condos provide various amenities for its residents including pools, gyms, party rooms, etc. The residents may need to pay extra for these facilities.


Most condos are located in the prime neighborhoods that are close to work, restaurants or shopping. The value of these condos increases over time. So, they are a great financial investment. A typical stand alone property in such region will cost higher, and you might not be able to afford it.

Strengthen social connections

Condo residents love the opportunity of having regular social interactions with other fellow residents. By living in condos, you can prevent the isolation that often occurs while residing in a single-family. This gives strong sense of community among the residents.

Though there are many benefits of condo living, it is not an ideal choice for everyone. But it can surely give you less headache than living in a single house.