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4 fun things to do in Myrtle Beach area


Myrtle Beach Area is a beautiful place and a perfect getaway if you love outdoor activities. There are many fun activities here that make it a popular destination among the tourists.

1. Parasailing


With parasailing, you can soar like a bird. The views you will get are breath-taking. The area boat captains and launch crews can start you slowly. They will help you to move upward safely. You will be up in the open ocean, but still close to the shore.

2. Jetpacks and Flyboarding


This is a new high-tech water sport. It is an exciting way to get out the water. It uses the power of jet propulsion. Pressurized jets of water come out from a long flexible hose. You can go up to 55 feet into the air. The instructors will teach you how it’s done. Through the power of jet propulsion, pressurized jets of water from a long flexible hose propel you, the rider, safely up and over the water up to 55-feet into the air.

3. Jet ski


The first jet skis were manufactured in the 1960s, and they have been into America’s rivers, lakes, and oceans since then. Jet skis are fast, safe and fun to ride. The small ones are suitable for one rider and the larger ones for up to four riders. These jet skis use the jet boat technology to force water through a rocket-styled nozzle.

4. Surfing


It is one of the common activities in Myrth Beach area. The waves here are smaller with sandy ocean bottom. The place is perfect for the beginners.

If you visit Myrtle Beach you will be able to enjoy all these activities. There are shops nearby the beach where you will be able to hire the necessary equipment. You can spend a great vacation here.